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Dark Ages, Schmark Ages. The De-Textbook cuts through that and so much more fake-fact bullshit.

cloudy with a chance of witch burning

your periodic reminder that a good chunk of Europe basically shat the bed for a few centuries while everyone else kinda did their thing.

I am sorry I’m going to be that person.

This map is extremely inaccurate.

1) China was not going through business as usual China was going through the TANG DYNASTY i.e. the Golden Age of Chinese culture, which would lay down legal and social and poetic norms for the rest of Chinese history. The Tang is so influential that a lot of languages call Chinese people 唐人 (People from Tang.) (We call Chinese people “people from Qin” so.)

2) Japan is _first becoming literate_ during this time period (due to the influence of the Tang they adopt Chinese script), which is a BFD for poetry, religion, politics, society. Japanese court culture develops, which near the end of this period (11th century, around the time Europe enters “high middle ages”) will produce The Tale of Genji (by a totally awesome woman named Murasaki),widely regarded as the world’s first novel because of it’s deft use of irony and social commentary.

3) The southern part of Korea is experiencing the emergence of Unified Silla, a state that will last the entire period and will see the importation of Chinese and Indian buddhism, the construction of the first Confucian college in Korea, and so on.

4) In Mesoamerica, the Mayans are inventing astronomy, writing (the third and final independent invention of writing in human history), and a whole crapload of other stuff. This is the triumph of their culture.

5) The Umayyads in Spain are a massive center of technology, learning, and (comparative) religious toleration.

6) The Eastern Roman Empire, which spans both the green and yellow portions of your map, isn’t doing too badly either, bouncing back after losing territory to the Caliphate.

7) The Polynesians are colonizing the ENTIRE PACIFIC using amazing advanced navigation technology not rivaled until the INVENTION OF GPS.

8) I am not equipped to talk about Sub-Saharan Africa in detail (cue rant about how we never learn about subsaharan africa in the western educational system) but you can bet there are some major, amazing developments going on there too. I’d be shocked if there weren’t.



11) THEY WEREN’T BURNING WITCHES IN EUROPE DURING THE MIGRATION PERIOD (dark ages). Witch burning took off in the EARLY MODERN PERIOD, nearly 1000 years after this. Europe was going through some tough shit, which would leave them backwards compared to the rest of the world for 1000 years, but also there were some amazing things happening there, at least have the decency to be like “angry dudes with swords stabbing people” not WITCH BURNINGS FFS.

12) And ABSOLUTELY Islamic Caliphate was a totally amazing flowering of intellectual, artistic, and spiritual culture, a mixing pot between a thousand cultures and languages, and totally amazing. Don’t in any way want to diminish that in any way.



ok! i’m gonna make a list w/ my fav lush stuff and how often i use them. i haven’t bought much, it’s mostly (like..99%) stuff dan’s brought home for me/themselves so i still have a lot to try, but Here Goes Nothin


the comforter— i love all of these swirled bubble bars and the way they smell. this is my favourite one though because it smells SOOO good. it’s like laying in a big snuggly blanket and it’s like you’ve already put on lotion when you get out of the tub. love. this is good for days that you need a big hug. you can break it up and use it over the course of a few baths or go ALL IN in one for the foamiest snuggliest thing ever.


rockstar body soap— this stuff smells SO GOOD but if you have dry skin like me you need to put body lotion afterwards. it smells so great though that i use it anyway cus the scent stays forever. i use coconut lotion afterwards and it pairs perfectly. this is good for people who shower every other day like me.


sweetie pie shower jelly— this stuff makes your skin soft and smells like cherries and coconuts. it is incredible. some people even use it as shampoo because of how soft it is. basically you just put it on a shower scrubby, lather, and go from there. this is good if you shower daily and don’t wanna wreck your skin.


jumping juniper shampoo bar— this stuff is amazing and it SMELLS amazing. every single one of the shampoo bars i’ve tried are honestly incredible. it makes your hair feel really.. “dry” i guess, BUT, it works out because JUST WAIT FOR THE NEXT STEP WHICH IS…


veganese conditioner— this+the shampoo transformed my hair overnight. i’d never had a ton of hair problems— my hair was pretty tolerant of me washing it a few times a month and never got oily. but when i chopped off my hair and started washing it more, it got erratic, even drier, produced flyaways and never listened to me when i tried to brush it or style it

here’s an overnight comparison. before (note weird curl patterns and “frizzy”ness):


afterwards (it stays put, the waves are even):


it might not seem like a lot to you but when your hair’s short and thick it’s pretty handy. it has more body in a really natural way. also, the lighting is bad there, but basically it’s super shiny and healthy looking too.

i use it every time i wash my hair and only a tiny dab of it. if you’re used to *slathering* your hair, don’t!! if you use the shampoo bars your hair will feel PARCHED, but you just need a little squeeze of it. it doesn’t feel slimy like most conditioners so just make sure they it gets to all your hair and then you’re done.


angels on bare skin cleanser: this stuff is amazing!!!!!! i have super dry skin so every lush cleanser was breaking me out.. dark angels, herbalism, aqua marina, let the good times roll.. and then i found this stuff. i was worried at first because it had an exfoliant in it and that usually is really bad for me, but after a few weeks so my skin being clear and glowy and soft i can say it’s kind of a miracle worker. there’s a lot of lush products that i could just as easily give up for something else but i’m a lifetime user of this stuff. it’s made my skintone more even (a problem for someone who gets blotchy marks in the sun), healed up the damage from trying so many other products, and leaves my skin plush enough that i can get away with only moisturizing at night on days where i have to get ready fast. loves it. i use it one to two times a day.


gorgeous moisturizer— this stuff.. this stuff. when used at night it healed up scratches (which is amazing, because whatever my immune system is doing right now prevents even small scratches to heal for 5-6 weeks), purged my blackheads, and made all my visible pores disappear. this stuff is amazing.


bubblegum lip scrub— i like this stuff. even though it’s easy to make at home, something about the fineness of the sugar in this makes your lips super soft and plump. it’s sweet and fun. i use this stuff when i have the time.


chou chou i love you toothy tabs— a LOT of people might not like the taste of this— roses— but it’s really good imo. i use one once a day when i’m brushing in the morning with a tiny dab of vanilla mint toothpaste (i use toms) and it makes my teeth extra shiny and my breath smell like faeries. 


strawberry feels forever— this bar. THIS. BAR. i smell it obsessively. if i’m just hanging out on the couch, i make sure it’s nearby so i can take a whiff whenever i feel like it. it smells heavenly. i’m so angry there isn’t more lush that smells like it. it makes your skin soft, but it’s more of a nighttime thing, imo. dan uses it to give me back rubs but i use it on my legs and arms before i go to bed because it makes them really soft and not at all itchy the next day (and since i have super dry skin that’s a really nice thing). i love it.



full of grace serum: “gentle, reduces redness. it’s good at night. safe bet for most people. it’s good for people with combination skin.”


cynthia sylvia stout shampoo: “invigorating. makes your hair shiny without weighing it down too much. smells excellent. i use it every other shampoo.”


squeaky green: “it makes me feel very clean, which i appreciate. it’s good for your scalp. good for oily hair. i use this when i don’t use the stout shampoo.”


ocean salt: “really harsh. it’ll get the job done, but only if you can handle it. makes my skin feel clean— it’s a really, really deep cleaner. use this once every other day— maybe. i use it every three or four days.”


avobath: “i just like avocado.”


grass shower gel: “i like this because it has a really unique scent. it cleans well, but it doesn’t leave your skin feeling bad. it’s like taking a bath in the woods in a lake. a clean lake. a crystal clear lake. and you didn’t use any soap, you just like dipped in and when you came out you were like ‘this is fine’.”


veganese conditioner: “it’s just light. it’s a light conditioner, and that’s hard to find— i’ve never found a conditioner i liked until i found Veganese. this is going to sound weird, i would almost say that it, like, makes hair matte in sensation. that probably sounds bizarre, but it’s absolutely true. that’s all i got.”

kiko’s note: dan’s hair went from looking like this (oily fast, flat, piecey):


to this (lots of body, shiny, healthy):



anyway that wraps up our faves :’) hope ya like it





Celtic Knot (fast)

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Jade Anouka as Hotspur in an all-female production of Henry IV, 2014.


ELF has some pretty cool Halloween themed makeup sets with accompanying step by step tutorials on their website! At only $6 a pop, these kits are definitely worth a try!

Benedict Cumberbatch is in talks to lead a 2017 docudrama of New York City’s Stonewall riots, reports Deadline. The Sherlock star will star opposite Kate Winslet in what is rumoured to be a whirlwind onscreen romance against the backdrop of 1969 Manhattan. The project, based on a script by Randall Wallace, has the ring of Oscar bait, according to industry veterans.

Well, guess we have this to look forward to. (via jakke)

A white cisgender heterosexual couple during the Stonewall Riots? Yeah, that sounds fantastic.

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Oh wow, who greenlite this?

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Really? Really? JFC.

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vines are literally better than 77% of hollywood movies

Cinematic magic

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to enroll in a Classics course and deliberately and consistently mispronounce “Penelope” as “Peen-a-loap.”

coco chanel was a nazi

i say this with no hyperbole whatsoever

she literally worked for the nazis and benefitted from jewish shareholders in chanel being sent off to concentration camps when their share came into her possession

parisian consumers actually refused to buy a lot from her own ranges after 1940 because she was an infamous collaborator but british and american consumers kept on buying them and continue to glorify her

that’s nice


Make-up and photo adventures today with albinwonderland




This guy’s vines give me life

Thomas Sanders is a gift to this world

I have a theory on Thomas Sanders that he can control minds and rather than using this gift for evil, he uses it to make funny vines. Like, a classroom full of kids? mind control. The teacher of the class? mind control. Cop pulls him over? you better believe that dude is gonna sing Don’t Stop Believing with him, mind control. 


fun statistics for adults!
“when I was a kid, I had no help with college tuition, I was hardworking and paid it all myself”
-Annual tuition for Yale, 1970: $2,550
-Annual tuition for Yale, 2014: $45,800
-Minimum Wage, 1970: $1.45
-Minimum Wage, 2014: $7.25
-Daily hours at minimum wage needed to pay for tuition in 1970: 4.8
-Daily hours at minimum wage needed to pay for tuition in 2014: 17.3


Should’ve gone with the cloak of intelligence brah.